Transcendental Urbanity: A visual narration of nature vs. urbanity.         —           Graphic Design          —          Autumn 2019          —          Individual Project

Transcendental Urbanity


A visual narration illustrating the development of urbanity's structural contingencies and its current tendency to imitate organic forms, exemplifying a hidden but  innate human desire to reconnect with nature itself.

Rooted in nature


As a part of my "a design a week" personal goal, I decided to draw my inspiration for this specific exploration from the intersection of nature and architecture. I created this design to juxtapose organic, natural forms with the rigidity of manmade structures to visualize the relationships between the natural and the manmade.

White Poster Mockup High Resolution.png

Complex, yet simple


Visual Flow

I exemplified the organic lines of flower pedals to algorithmically generate shards with similar values and patterns. The curvatures of the concrete structures juxtaposed with the rigid rectangular forms maintain a sense of dynamism throughout the composition. 


With multiple layers of textural information, the eyes are drawn first to what is most simple and most complex, and then is exposed to the subtleties and textural layers of the design which promotes visual interest.

collage poster mock-05 copy 3.png

Final Design

collage poster mockup 2.png
Urban Nature Moodboard-03.png

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.