LEGO Shockwave: Product design for the LEGO company.          —          Industrial Design          —          Spring + Summer 2015          —          Individual Project

LEGO Shockwave: 3-D Modular Design

A 3D modular form exercise for the LEGO company; Lego recreation of Transformer's character Shockwave.

The Challenge


To create a functional LEGO figure that resembles the Shockwave character from the Transformers movies as an ideation proposal for a finalized set design.


The LEGO creation must have 13 functional and stable pivot points and utilize 1000+ individual pieces.

Shockwave Box Mockup 3 White.png

My Approach

Concept Development

I thought that many of the lego sets in the market now aren't as structurally dense and visually embellished as they could be. I wanted to take on this challenge utilizing the full potential of every LEGO piece; using them in unexpected and creative ways to create a matured stylistic look while still maintaining the structural stability every manufactured lego set requires. 


Each type of LEGO piece has a very distinct form. The mechanical form portrayed in the movies has elements that mimic human anatomy. I tried to use pieces with curves and bevels to help illustrate some of the organicism that brings the metallic machine to life.

Shockwave Stats-05.png

Final Design

Shockwave Lego Design Final.jpg
Shockwave Box Mockup 3.png
Shockwave FInal Mockup 2.jpg

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.