about: me.

i'm verli chen, an interaction design student (+informatics, entrepreneurship, and architecture triple minor) at the University of Washington. outside of the classroom i enjoy eating healthy, staying fit, and orchestrating for wind and percussion ensemble.

my passion for design first stemmed from the design engineering competitions i enrolled throughout middle and high school. it was here where i was prompted to 

solve difficult interdisciplinary design challenges with only the most creative solutions imaginable. pushing myself out of my comfort zone for the sake of the competition led me to design and build innovative working solutions that were unheard of.

one of my earliest projects was a mobile musical contraption consisting of a deconstructed piano harp, woven and tuned plastic piping, mounted cymbals + percussive equipment, electronic synthesizer, and carefully engineered mallets and beaters (some even designed to be used by the player's feet). this monumental device helped the individual methodically play an entire ensemble's worth of instruments while moving from location to location. redefining the definition of the "one man band", this design won the Renaissance Award for Outstanding Design, Engineering, and Innovation.

it was these moments where i began to realize the importance of designing for the human experience.

i believe design is pivotal to the way we interact with one another. by addressing the right design challenges with a holistic approach, we can make deliberate choices, solving problems and shaping experiences that will revolutionize productivity and lifestyle.

my design process


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