66 Minuten: Germany's most popular escape room.         —          Brand Identity, Visual Communication Design          —          Autumn 2017          —          Individual Project

66 Minuten


Brand identity design for the acclaimed "66 Minuten" escape room in Neuwied, Germany;

one of Germany's most popular escape rooms, attracting tourists from all over the world.

The Challenge


Although the German escape room company is already a hit, it could never hurt to portray a pleasant company image for a successful business. I decided to challenge myself to think of ways to incorporate the elements of escape into my design work, utilizing this concept to illustrate the company's decorum in a pleasant and subtle manner.

66 min mock extra white.png
66 Minuten Brand Mockup Transparent Part

My Approach


Brand Identity

One of the first things that came to my mind while brainstorming the idea of escape was a maze. I decided to utilize elements of a typical maze in my branding design. By arranging paths and dead-ends as a way to create expressive type, I pieced together the letters, "ESCAPE" in a subtle way that allows the observer to focus on the information presented by the document while piquing interest and acquiring a sense of brand unity across all mediums and stationary.

Visual Flow

The expressive typography juxtaposed throughout space with informational elements locking to the grid motivate the eye to search and observe every element of the work. 


By keeping informational text small and expressive type large, it is easier to interact with each component of the design in a dynamic sense. When the observer is focused on the expressive type, the informational text does not become a distraction to the structure of the type, vice versa.


I decided to design with a monochromatic palette after taking into consideration the color environment of an escape room. Typically, escape rooms are deliberately dim and dark environments, where usually color is muted or difficult to perceive. A dimly lit escape room adds suspense and thrill to the game. I decided to use a void of black that sits in-between the expressive type to add a sense of disconnect and suspense as to where the eye should go next.

Final Design

66isometric-view1.1 Light.png
66 Minuten Brand Mockup Extra Light.png
66 minuten id cards mockup-16.png
66 minuten business cards7.png
66 Minuten Moodboard.png
66 min mock.png

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.